Short Stories (Every Tuesday): Paperman

So I forgot to mention before the title card came up for Wreck-it Ralph and in true Pixar spirit, I had the delight to view Pixar’s latest short called Paperman. Before I go into Paperman, Pixar Studios got their start with highly recognized shorts such as Geri’s Game, Luxo Jr. and Knick Knack. I am certain Pixar has just as much stress on the team to make a good movie and an even better short.

A good summary direct from the words of the director John Kahrs, “how fates would conspire to bring them back together“. Paperman is about a man and a woman who cross paths on a train platform and how the lost connection is repaired.

I can easily say that out of all the animated shorts that has come out of Pixar (including La Luna), Paperman is the best made and my new favorite. The style alone is what caught my eye; a combination of hand drawing and 3D rendering has given depth and really brought something different. Compared to the high polished look of the main feature that followed it, I can only hope Pixar will learn from Paperman and explore this technique to make a unique look for their future projects.

I know I find something great when I become curious to see production. I must admit I do have a obsession with storyboards and character design sketches. Not only is the final product beautiful, but the sketches and roughs as well.

See what I did there.

Soon I will be talking about when Disney copies their own films. But I thought the main character of Paperman(I think his name was Greg) look similar to another famous face.

Sketches of “Greg” (2012)

Roger (1961)

Some food for thought, here are some videos were the director talks about the drawings. It has some nice rough cell animation from Peter Pan(1953).


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With the style of animation changing, I would like to include all forms of classic and contemporary animating as work of art. It takes 24 still frames in a second to make a movement, which is more than enough still images to fill a gallery with. I always wanted to express my love for animated films and wish to conduct this blog and the films mentioned as respectable content. Growing up I was the one kid that kept watching "cartoons" after my friends grew out of them, and I hope never to do so.

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