First Entry

Hello internet.

It has been on my mind for sometime along with getting over personal doubts and hopefully I could bring something new to the table. Based on the subject of animation (from more of an admiring stance versus professional) I am sure I won’t be attracting the attention nor fandom as some sites. Yet I do hope to express how crazily obsessed I am about animation and if I find a few followers I would totally be cool with that. 

Since the topic of animation is pretty general, I will be trying a couple of different topics/sub-category to cover a few days(or weeks). Of course my main focus will be reviewing full length animated features, but I would like to dedicate some time to retro series, shorts and the almost unavoidable anime series. It will be a trail coming up soon, but I will make sure to cover each sub-category. I am a little ambitious but i should be able to manage.ImageWave Gertie!



About pandypancakes

With the style of animation changing, I would like to include all forms of classic and contemporary animating as work of art. It takes 24 still frames in a second to make a movement, which is more than enough still images to fill a gallery with. I always wanted to express my love for animated films and wish to conduct this blog and the films mentioned as respectable content. Growing up I was the one kid that kept watching "cartoons" after my friends grew out of them, and I hope never to do so.

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